"The raving comments keep coming in!
This is the largest group in the history of our organization, in fact, you more than doubled our usual attendance. Even the waitresses lined up against the wall listening intently and laughing heartily at your stories."

-Barbara E. Haugsoen
U.S. Congressman Wayne Owens’ Office

"Initially I only expected this class to be interesting and perhaps slightly informative. What an underestimation. I am certain that this three-week seminar has improved my chances of becoming successful more than any class in my eight years of undergraduate and graduate education."
--Marla Williams, Cost Accountant, EIMCO, Salt Lake City, Utah

"The members and board were so impressed with the seminar you provided, they demanded that I schedule you for our next meeting. I received nothing but major compliments."

-Landon Wyatt, Program Chair,
North Carolina Hospital Engineers Association

"What sets Kathy apart from other speakers is her willingness to research an organization and become very industry specific in her presentation."

-Cydney Leonard
Salt Lake Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

“Your speaking to our organization was an overwhelming success...Please feel free to publicize CIA as one of your happy, happy customers.”
-Cindy Rountree, CTSG Executive Officer, U. S. Central Intelligence Agency, Virginia

"Thank you for the fantastic seminars...If you had had a year to prepare for these presentations, we could not have expected better evaluations. What a pro!"

-Helena C. Douglas College of Commerce and Industry, Clemson University, South Carolina

As seen on national TV



Worried about the changes affecting your organization?

Things changing so fast you and your people are having challenges keeping up? ...New technology, new procedures, new kinds of customers?...

Discover how to thrive on change, be more productive, have more satisfied customers, and happier employees.

Kathy Loveless' keynote presentations, training and consulting services can help you.

"Wow! What a 'magical' presentation! You did a wonderful job of setting the tone for our entire workshop and for dealing with all the changes occurring in our industry. We look forward to working with you again."

Madalyn B. Cafruny, Director of Communications
American Public Power Association, Washington, D.C.

Thanks for an outstanding and dynamic presentation...The information you imparted about the global changes and trends has tremendous value...The best measurement of success is ‘word of mouth’ advertising and the whole office was ‘a-buzz’ about the content of your presentation.”

-Dan Batista and Shirley Hollingsworth, DuPont, Houston, Texas

Ever wonder why some organizations thrive and others decline or die?

Tired of the internal, petty squabbles that suck energy and time out of the work day?

Want yours to be a more successful, cost-effective organization?

Want your employees to take personal responsibility for problem-solving, business outcomes and serving the customer excellently?

How about mangers and supervisors who lead with credibility, creativity, critical thinking and competency? Want them as YOUR leaders?

"Kathy went out of her way to understand the needs of our center and to develop a presentation that would help our managers grow and achieve new levels of excellence." -Ray Child AT&T

Just think, you could have:

Employees who love work because they know how valued they are, accept change, and seek ways to improve your organization's bottom line

Customers who are so loyal, they would never consider switching to your competitor

A place in your industry that engenders respect, even wonder over what you've been able to achieve

Think we're crazy? We've helped it happen and we can do it for your organization. But don't take our word for it. Here's what Dunn and Bradstreet found when they surveyed our customers:

Dunn and Bradstreet recently surveyed Loveless Enterprises' customers on seven criteria. Loveless received an overall company rating of 1.14 with 1 = Exceeds Expectations, 3 = Meets Expectations and 5 = Below Expectations.

Loveless received a perfect score of 1 on Problem Responsiveness,Quality of Product or Service, and Attitude of Personnel.

We've got answers, new ideas and a desire to help you.

You will benefit from our extensive experience in designing customized training programs, keynote speeches, management and executive consulting, and succession planning.

We can help you increase the profitability and productivity of your organization. We have worked with groups across the globe on such issues as:

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