Our Consulting Services Can Relieve Some of Your Headaches

Its 9:00 a.m. You're facing another day at work with the same old problems. There's lots of change going on in your industry, others still are not taking responsibility like you think they should, and who can even guess what your customers expect now. Ready to try something new?

We have solutions for you!

We have worked throughout the world with corporations, governmental agencies, associations, universities and small businesses to create custom solutions to specific problems and we can do it for you.
Here are just a few of the projects we have developed to help our clients reach their goals:


Management Improvement, Sucession Planning, Survey Research, etc.

Management/Board Retreats

Kathy has planned and conducted numerous management improvement retreats for such organizations as the Imperial Irrigation District, the Pacific Northwest Region of the Bureau of Reclamation, Montgomery Watson Engineers, Austin Capitol Metro and many others. These include sessions on implementing the decision matrix for boards of directors, strategic planning,vision and mission sessions, team building and leadership excellence

"Just a note of thanks for all that you’ve done for TEAM IID....[Kathy’s] skill and ability have allowed us to see the tools, learn how they work, and taught us how to apply them in doing our job. You were so important to TEAM IID."
—Signed by all members of the Imperial Irrigation District’s First Leadership Team, El Centro, California

Succession Planning

Planning for the next level of leaders to move into place is challenging for most organizations. Kathy has conducted the research for and implemented succession planning programs for such diverse organizations as the U.S. Railroad Administration, Washington, D.C., and the 190th Air Refuling Wing of the Kansas Air National Guard.

Survey Research

Surveying the opinions of customers and employees is a part of nearly every project Kathy undertakes. She uses interview schedules for one-on-one interviews, survey questionaires administered through a variety of mediums and always creates an executive summary for decision makers for each project. Some projects include enviornmental studies, power and water customer usage, employee concerns, and manager attitudes.


Obtaining Citizen Participation in Project Planning and Execution

Transportaion Projects

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Consulting: Water, Energy and Environmental Projects:

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Consulting Services to Improve Your Organization

Strategic Planning
"On behalf of Kennecott’s Health, Safety & Environmental Quality Department, I wish to thank you, again, for the excellent presentation you made at our Strategic Planning Conference. Your discussion and identification of the ten critical emerging issues impacting corporate America today was most enlightening as well as entertaining. Your comments on strategic planning and the benefits of this endeavor were most stimulating.
David A. Litvin, Vice President, Health, Safety & Environmental Quality, Kennecott Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah