Thriving on Change

in a Constantly Changing World

Every organization and every person experience it every day. Yet, most act surprised when it happens. Some deny it is happening, some shudder at what it means, some even pretend it is not occurring. But it is. Change surrounds us constantly. Organizations and people are in constant states of change of one type or another. This program will help you recognize the incremental changes that occur (since the large ones are pretty obvious) and what they mean. More importantly, this program will help you understand the value in encouraging and embracing change and how you can help others thrive on it.

You will lean about Change and how to:
1. Teach and model behavior that is change-embracing
2. Use measurements to gauge and direct change
3. Turn inevitable change into the seeds for success
4. Understand why paradigms blind us to new approaches
5. Calm the fears that accompany change
6. Communicate with others during times of change
7. Connect thinking creatively with adopting change

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless about Change:
Change is Kathy’s single most frequently requested topic. Regardless of industry or location, all organizations are experiencing change, some at accelerated rates, some at a glacier’s pace, but all are facing it. She has done extensive research and consulting on change forces outside and within each organization. She has helped organizations create corporate cultures that encourage employees to embrace change by celebrating innovation, new ideas and creativity. She helps each organization discover the unique ways to make change work best for them.
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on Change:
"Wow! What a 'magical' presentation! You did a wonderful job of setting the tone for our entire Energy/Customer Service & Communications Workshop, and for dealing with all the changes occurring in our industry."
—Madalyn B. Cafruny, Director of Communications, American Public Power Association, Washington, D.C.

"Thanks for an outstanding and dynamic presentation...The information you imparted about the global changes and trends has tremendous value...The best measurement of success is 'word of mouth' advertising and the whole office was 'a-buzz' about the content of your presentation."
—Dan Batista and Shirley Hollingsworth, DuPont, Houston, Texas

"Thank you for giving us solid tools for change."
—Travis Maston, TEAM IID, Imperial Irrigation District, El Centro, California