Communication Skills --Is Anybody Listening? Communicating for Increased Effectiveness

Have you ever wondered if anybody really hears what you say? Do you want to speak more persuasively? Time and time again, managers and employees wish everyone else communicated better. (But, who’s pointing fingers?) Repeatedly, poor communication, not money, has been identified as the root of all evil in professional and personal relationships.

In this program you will learn how to make people want to listen to you in small gatherings or in large assemblies. You will see why both “active listening” and “congruent sending” together make for better communications under all circumstances. You will be given a set of situations in which a variety of communicating responses are possible. How will you score? And what about body language? Is it sending messages you don’t want sent? All this and more is waiting for you in this program.

For improved communication skills, you will learn from this program how to:
1. Speak to co-workers, subordinates, supervisors and your spouse more effectively
2. Listen with such effectiveness that your relationships will improve
3. Give oral presentations that leave your audience assured that you know what you are talking about
4. Practice the LISTEN™ model of compassionate listening
5. Use the eight principles of powerful presentations
6. Understand the short circuits in the communication process

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Communications:
Kathy has taught public speaking and communication skills for more than three decades to the United State's highest government officials in Washington, D.C., to corporate executives from many industries throughout the U.S., and has spoken numerous times before the National Speakers Association in the U.S., the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and the National Speakers Association of New Zealand.

Her presentation coaching has helped clients win multimillion dollar contracts and she received the “Gold Screen Award” by the National Association of Government Communicators in Washington, D.C.

She earned the United States' professional speaking industry’s highest earned designation, the National Speakers Association's “Certified Speaking Professional”(CSP) award which has been awarded only to 8% of its international membership. In 2001 the Utah Chapter of the National Speakers Association created the “Loveless Award” in recognition of her excellence in the professional speaking industry. Presentation of the award was the subject of the reality television show, "A Makeover Story" which has aired on national and international television numerous times. Contact Kathy Loveless about Communications.

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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on Communications:
"Your extensive preparation, proven experience, and ability to persuasively share your ideas have impacted both the personal and professional lives of our members."
—James F. Hennig, PhD, CSP, CPAE, Past President, National Speakers Association, Orlando, Florida

"I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness and all the effort you put into your presentation. I can tell you we have heard nothing but rave reviews. You really connected with our audience. As you know, much of what we do is based on the concept of teaching by example. We could not have asked for a better example of how to prepare for and make a presentation than you provided."

-Bill Halamandaris, President, The Heart of America, Washington, D.C.

"From the beginning, Kathy sought to make the seminar a unique and valuable experience for our organization. She dug below the surface to find the values that were most important to us and incorporated them into her presentation."

—Ray Child, Public Relations Manager, AT&T