Thrill 'em to Death Customer Service

Have you heard that some people think that thrilled customers and profitability are mutually exclusive? This program will teach you how you can guarantee they are not. Helping your employees grasp the customer service vision in every action they take can be one of your most important accomplishments as a leader. Deregulation, in its various stages and possibilities, suggests that utilities may have to compete vigorously for customers in the future. Learn how to make your customers so loyal that they would never consider picking another service provider over you. Learn how to measure opinions, results and attitude shifts. Learn how to go to school on the winners and why poorly designed processes and red-tape tie up everyone.

You will learn from this program on Customer Service how to:

1. Create a organization-wide vision of how to keep customers during difficult times
2. Understand how red-tape can be replaced with more customer friendly procedures
3. Listen to customers in creative ways to determine what is important to them
4. Investigate other organizations for excellent customer service practices and how to use them
5. Identify the customer champions within your organization and let them teach others their ways
6. Smash the barriers to customer-keeping performance
7. Measure everything and track progress
8. Walk the talk by modeling customer-keeping behavior at all times

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Customer Service:
Kathy conducts extensive survey research into the needs and desires of residential, commercial, and industrial customers for many organizations throughout the Nation. By reviewing tens of thousands of responses, she recommends how organizations can improve service in ways that are meaningful to customers. Additionally, she was selected to serve on the team to write, develop and present the first nation-wide customer service week-long training for the U.S. Federal Government. She has presented this programs repeatedly since 1995. She teaches customer service to universities, governmental agencies, corporations such as AT&T, 3M, and DuPont.
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on Customer Service:
"She has won over our audiences with messages that are both enlightening and entertaining. I am impressed with the breadth of experience Kathy brings to her presentations .... At a recent meeting of our CEO Roundtable, Kathy brought new life to the critical topic of customer service."
—Robert C. Ligget, Director of Small Business Development, Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

" Your speaking to [the CIA’s customer service organization] .... was an overwhelming success and we would like to request you to speak to our group again on the same subject, “The Magic in Scintillating CIA Customer Service.” Please feel free to publicize CIA as one of your HAPPY HAPPY customers!"
—Cindy Rountree, Executive Officer, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Virginia




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