Ethical Decision Making:

Is it Illegal, Immoral or Fattening?

We all make decisions daily that reflect our character, determine the course of our organization, and impact others. Are these decisions right? Will they build or destroy our organization? This program helps managers and employees address the wide range of ethical questions and their impacts on performance, morale and productivity. Research has shown that organizations that demonstrate ethical behavior have higher employee morale and less turnover, pay fewer fines and penalties, and stay in business longer. Learn why running an ethical operation is simply smart business.

In this program on Ethical Decision Making you will learn how to:
1. Understand the costs and benefits of ethical behavior
2. Create an ethical corporate culture
3. Dissect a dilemma into its component parts
4. Identify the core issues of ethical dilemmas
5. Know how to find and define an ethical problem
6. Distinguish between ethical optimists versus ethical pessimists
7. Keep ethics on every employee’s radar screen
8. Protect whistle blowers
9. Create an “ethics-friendly” organization

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Ethical Decision Making:
In addition to teaching ethical decision making at the American Public Power Association’s national conference and the Association of Government Accountants, Kathy has researched and taught the subject to a wide range of corporations, government agencies, and universities. Additionally, as an employee, she personally experienced two international corporations go bankrupt because of unethical and illegal decisions made by top officials and she watched those officials go to prison. In contrast, she also worked for a federal government agency in which every action of every employee was expected to be beyond reproach. Listen to what she witnessed and learned from both sides of the ethics spectrum.
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on

Ethical Decision Making :
The members and board for the NCHEA were so impressed with the seminar you provided us at our Winter Management Conference, they demanded that I attempt to schedule you for our next meeting .... I received nothing but major compliments in regard to the manner in which your seminar was presented, the information that was provided, and the usefulness of what we obtained for the future".
—Landon Wyatt, Program Chairman, North Carolina Hospital Engineers Association, Inc.,
Greensboro, North Carolina

"Thank you for the fantastic seminar that you presented .... If you had had a year to prepare for these presentations, we could not have expected better evaluations. What a pro!"
—Helena C. Douglas, Assistant Director, College of Commerce and Industry, Clemson University, South Carolina