Leadership Excellence

When times are prosperous and easy, leading an organization can be a breeze compared to when the economy is bad, terrorists are lurking, and markets are uncertain. But those difficult times also present an opportunity for great leaders to shine.

Learn how to encourage employees, board members, city councils, and the public to support your organization's projects and programs through masterful leadership.

Learn how to help those you lead overcome doubt, complacency, and discouragement by giving them a meaningful role in decision making.

Based on recent leadership research, this program can help top executives, mid-level managers, and frontline supervisors lead with confidence and direction.

You will learn from this program on Leadership how to:
1. Understand the value of and be able to create a vision
2. Understand the key elements of leading others
3. Create and model a productive corporate culture
4. Focus and prioritize
5. Evaluate age-old wisdom versus the latest and greatest
6. Avoid the quicksand of micro-managing
7. Distinguish between ”command and control” versus “partnering and collaborating”
8. Mentoring as a way of leading
9. Avoid the ten mistakes poor leaders make
10. Apply leadership to teamwork, crisis management and staying competitive

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Leadership:
For decades, Kathy has researched and taught leadership principles to corporations, government agencies, universities and nonprofit organizations. She has practiced these leadership lessons while serving in numerous leadership positions throughout the U.S., including president of her own consulting firm, chair-elect of the Independent Energy Producers of California, president of the Utah Chapters of the Federal Executives Association, American Society for Public Administration, and the National Speakers Association; chair of the College of Social and Behavioral Science Advisory Board at the University of Utah.
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on Leadership:

Thanks for a job well done. The Leadership Development Program graduates were really thrilled to have you as their guest speaker. Co-workers, managers, and, of course, the graduates are still talking about it.”

—LaVerne Bailey and Lisa Douek, Program Coordinators, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Rockville, Maryland

“Kathy has been one of our “premier” speakers. She has been instrumental in .... developing two of our most popular new seminars .... one dealing with team leadership skill and the other with customer service skills. Her ratings by our participants are consistently among the very highest achieved by our distinguished adjunct faculty. She is one of our most diversified and talented speakers.”
—Michael M. Durbin, Associate Director, Western Management Development Center, Denver, Colorado