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Taking Personal Responsibility at Work

Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, believes that if we really want to improve our behavior, we must change the way we perceive our roles. Too often, employees fail to recognize the significance of their jobs to their organization. Some think that if their job is done poorly, it won’t matter because the job is so insignificant. Those who believe this should live through a garbage handlers strike to understand that every job has value to the organization. Consequently, any job done poorly, incompletely, or too slowly affects the entire organization.

This program helps employees look at their own attitudes, assumptions, and behaviors regarding their work. It explores characteristics of familiar behavior styles found in many organizations. It helps the employee understand why his or her attitude matters; why behavior reflects attitude; and why attitude and behavior impact organizational profitability, successful service, and longevity.

You will learn about Personal Responsibility how to:
1. Be certain you are living the basics of personal responsibility on the job daily.
2. See what your job looks like from the eyes of the manager, customer, and coworker.
3. Understand that attitude determines work environment.
4. Recognize the styles of the seven attitude monsters and learn of their impacts on others.
5. Ask for feedback from your supervisor, subordinate, coworkers, and customers on how your performance reflects your taking personal responsibility for your job.

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Personal Responsibility:
Repeatedly, a wide variety of organizations as diverse as municipal utilities to Native American Tribes have hired Kathy to train employees in both the basic and advanced principles of taking personal responsibility for how well the organization is running. Through frank self-evaluation, workers can assess areas for improvement and they can better understand why their every action matters every day. These actions matter to co-workers, to superiors, to subordinates, and to customers
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on Personal Responsibilty:

"I’d like to express our deep appreciation for the excellent training you recently provided to our organization. 'The Magic of Personal Responsibility at Murray City Power' was an upbeat, thought-provoking seminar that pleasantly surprised virtually everyone. Our employees came to the training because they had to, but, by the end of the half-day session, they left the training wishing they could stay for more .... For weeks afterward, employees in every corner of our operations have continued to talk about the lessons taught and learned .... [It] was one of the best investments we have ever made."

—Gary O. Merrill, General Manager, Murray City Power, Utah

"I just wanted to .... let you know how much I enjoyed the class, how much I think everyone enjoyed the class. I really didn't expect that."
—Jerry Dalton, graveyard-shift dispatcher, Murray City Power, Utah