Productivity Boosters

Through Improved Processes and Systems

Most employees don’t show up to work on Monday morning thinking, “This is the day I am really going to mess up! I am going to make my boss, coworkers, and customers really angry!” When that actually does happen, however, it usually is not because employees intended it to, but often because so many processes are poorly designed, resulting in disappointing outcomes. This program teaches you how to select processes that need to be improved, how to analyze and understand those processes, how to measure them and how to implement an improved process. This model applies to processes as simple as filling out a time sheet to those as complex as building a co-generation power plant.

You will learn from this program on Boosting Productivity:

1. Select the best process for improvement
2. Understand the actual workings of the process
3. Measure the process
4. Implement a new, improved process
5. Use multiple charts, graphs and other measurement tools
6. Structure and implement a survey
7. Communicate your improved processes to others

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Process Improvement:
In addition to teaching process improvement to the public power industry, she has taught it to such corporations as 3M, DuPont, and AT&T; to such military organizations as the 7th Army Command, U.S. Army, Grafenwoehr, Germany; the 190th Refueling Wing of the Kansas Air National Guard, U.S. Department of Defense, Frankfurt, Germany; and to more than 100 federal and state agencies. Her doctoral studies were in quantitative data analysis at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and for a decade, she taught survey research, statistics, and quantitative data analysis in the Masters of Public Administration Program at the University of Utah.
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on Productivity and Process Improvement:

"What a wonderful learning experience you provided for us .... Thank you for the competence, enthusiasm, patience, and humor you brought to the “[Process Measurement] and Problem-Solving Skills.” I am delighted with [how much better I can use] data in creating value in the work I do."

—Diana Black, Statewide Coordinator, Human Resource Development Institute, Princeton, New Jersey

"Thank you for the outstanding performance you gave.... I have participated in the conference for the past seven years and I have never observed a more enthusiastic response to our keynote speaker."

—V. McPhie, President, Utah Math/Science Network

"Thank you for your very comprehensive, very outstanding keynote address .... [thank you for your] effort to reach, teach and the math-science-technical field."
—D. Carlson, Utah Technical College, Salt Lake City, Utah