Project Management:

Managing Projects Masterfully

You’ve just been given an enormous new assignment—build a co-generation plant, completely overhaul your organization's financial management procedures, or survey all of your repeat customers. Or maybe it’s a smaller assignment.

Large or small, any project can be a challenge. This program discusses how you can tackle any type of project. It teaches how to analyze the project, create a plan, work the plan, establish a budget and schedule, and how to communicate what you are doing to whomever needs to know about it. You will learn ways to manage project costs, schedules and resources to a successful completion.

You will learn from this program on Project Management how to:
1. Define a project and its characteristics
2. Create a project plan
3. Identify the elements of a project budget
4. Establish a project schedule
5. Apply the rules of flowcharting and sequencing of tasks 10. Make more effective decisions
6. Select project team members
7. Evaluate project resources and constraints
8. Communicate the project to others
9. Evaluate the project

Why Listen to Kathy Loveless on Project Management:
Kathy has taught project management in such diverse locations as Dallas, Texas and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for utility managers and engineers working on a wide range of projects. Whether the project is the building of a substation or the implementation of a new financial management system, the core principles are the same. All require careful definition of the project parameters; a clear plan; wisely conceived budget and schedule; and more. Kathy personally has managed a variety of projects from conceptualizing co-generation power projects in California to executing environmental impact projects in Utah and Colorado, to creating public programs in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland.
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What Others Say about Kathy Loveless on

Project Management:
Once again you were a tremendous hit with our seminar attendees. I love it when you teach for us because you are such a professional and are so well received that we never have any doubts about the success. Our only concern is whether or not we’ll have enough seats in the meeting room to accommodate everyone who wants to attend. Thank you again, Kathy. You’re definitely one of our Superstars."
—Cynthia J. Magill, Education Manager, American Public Power Association, Washington, D.C.

More participant comments from Kathy’s courses on Project Management:
"This was the best APPA (American Public Power Association) workshop I have ever attended. Thanks to Kathy.

"Kathy was very enthusiastic, entertaining and knowledgeable."

"She mixed content with humor and magic in the right proportions."